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In the year 2100, spacefaring humans discovered that they are not the only sapient species in the universe. The universe is also occupied by Quargons, bipedal lizard-like beings skilled in pragmatic fighting, Itanta, "space kobolds" well known for tinkering with electronics, and Inquisi, a naturally curious species who have developed scanners to collect information about the universe around them.

Although their initial encounter was somewhat tense, the humans were quick to resolve issues with the three other races, and in 2120, the aliens merged their culture with that of the humans, allowing the four to live in peace.

In 2135, Human scientist Ignatius Vonis developed the Vonis Gate, a large device capable of harnessing wormholes in space to facilitate faster travel than was previously possible. This method was quickly used to allow all four species to colonise new planets that were previously out of reach.

15 years later, colonisation of the galaxy had sped up considerably, and certain corporations started to look at the much bigger picture. The galaxy soon became something of a corporate battlefield, with various organizations and companies vying for control of new planets and more territory. In order to resolve the chaos, strict standards for corporations were introduced and the Galactic Trade Council (GTC) was founded. The highest-rated corporations all pitched together to fund the development of the Galactic Trade Council Police (GTCP, or GalCop), a police force dedicated to protecting each species' home planet, as well as the most densely-populated areas of corporate space.

In 2160, genetics lab AndroGenus finished development of the til-then top secret project, and announced it under the name of Project AMBROSIA. AMBROSIA was an easily-affordable, surprisingly simple genetic modification procedure, which allowed for members of any species to become effectively immortal (No longer aging or becoming sick), at the cost of no longer being able to procreate. AMBROSIA caught on quickly, replacing mind-uploading as the No. 1 method of ensuring immortality.

In 2167, the first GELFs (Genetically Engineered Life Forms) were developed, primarily as an alternative option to robots. All GELFs were built with AG's AMBROSIA technology, meaning they had the same immunity to aging and sickness. GELFs became popular in many fields, although at this point they looked considerably different from the ones that were to be developed in coming years.

In 2170, AndroGenus, under increasing pressure from rival genetics corporations, started work on a top-secret new project, codenamed HOURAI-3. The aim: To create a genetic modification that allowed complete invulnerability.

Five years on, HOURAI-3 was going nowhere, the test subjects were affected by all manner of unpleasant side effects from the treatment, and it seemed like complete invincibility was out of reach. Project HOURAI-3 was terminated.

In 2178, a high-ranking employee of AndroGenus suggested picking up the HOURAI-3 project again, but using it in the development of a GELF supersoldier, rather than modifying existing living beings. Reluctantly, the company tried again, the project now being named VALHALLA.

Just one year later, AndroGenus' first batch of VALHALLA GELFs was produced. This batch, known as Batch 17, successfully demonstrated their invulnerability, but their personalities were broken and their combat skills questionable. VALHALLA was scrapped, and the GELFs kept in containment... Until they escaped.

The year is 2180. AG-CF-172 (or "Yellow"), a GELF from Batch 17, crash-landed its escape craft on the swamp planet of Bloogis V. After getting stuck in the swamp, it was rescued by two employees from the Intergalactic Truckstop, a refueling station with a bar and shop that happens to orbit Bloogis V. With nowhere else to turn, CF-172 asks for a job on board the Truckstop. CF-172, now known as Chaz, works the bar at the Truckstop.

This is its his story.

About The Author

Hi there! The name's Charlie Wood, I live up in the northeast of Scotland, where it's cold and rains a lot, and the people wear kilts, eat haggis and do questionable things to sheep. Joking aside, it's a great place, even if it does get a bit too quiet from time to time.

At the time of writing this, I'm unemployed and am on disability benefits (Long story short, a combination of PTSD and Autism, mixed with a sprinkling of occasional depression, doesn't go together well), so a lot of my time is spent surfing the web, where I can get in touch with most of my friends across the pond.

I'm fond of videogames (And am a proud member of the PraetoriaGuard gaming clan), music of all kinds, stand-up comedy, sci-fi stuff, anime, the list goes on. There's not a whole lot I don't like, really.

I think that about wraps up the About The Author section, stay tuned for info on the comic, and a quick FAQ which will be updated as time progresses!

About The Comic

So! What made me want to make a comic? Well, first off, I'd been doing occasional videogame-comics for a while by that point (And in fact I did a bunch of comics relating to my friend Maniac's MUD Stellarmass, starting with this one.

After hearing that Maniac was going to be ending A Girl On The Server to work on her original comic Villain, I started pondering making my own original comic. I'm not great at dramatic comics, so I didn't want to do a SUPER OMG GRIMDARK thing, that would just depress me the more I worked on it. So I figured I'd try making up an original concept for a humorous comic that actually has a plot.

Why Intergalactic Truckstop? Well, I knew from the start that I wanted to make a sci-fi humour comic. What I didn't want to do, though, was have it focus on a group of spacefaring travellers exploring the galaxy and having adventures. Much like the indie game Recettear focuses on the efforts of a single item shop rather than that of an adventuring party travelling the land and visiting many item shops, I figured I'd like to try putting the focus of the story on a space station that other space explorers might stop by to restock on supplies and whatnot before heading off into space again. So I figured I'd try a refuelling station off in deep space, because hey, every ship needs fuel!

Intergalactic Truckstop is a comic set in the distant future, in a time where geneticists have discovered the secret to immortality, as well as its costs. "Project AMBROSIA", as it was known, could render a volunteering patient immune to the effects of disease and aging, but at the cost of rendering them sterile. An AMBROSIA patient wasn't completely invincible, either, they could still be outright killed by accidents or violence. Geneticists sought to solve this issue by making a secondary project, Project VALHALLA. VALHALLA's goal was to create a being capable of invincibility, as well as immortality, who could prove to be an efficient supersoldier. Several teams were dedicated to taking on this approach in their own way, which led to the Batch system. Chaz, and his brothers, are collectively part of Batch 17, one of the many attempts at this project. The testing comics over the following weeks will show how well they were able to perform.


So what are your inspirations for the comic?

Apart from what I mentioned above, there were many influences on ITS's setting, some obvious, others not so obvious. The primary influences have to be Elite and Evochron (Of which the most recent version is Evochron Mercenary, linked there for your convenience.) The former is the grandaddy of all space exploration games, and the latter is a modern, much more polished space exploration game. The fact that Evochron Mercenary lets budding entrepeneurs build their own trade stations and whatnot easily was definitely an influence in me wanting to set a story aboard such a station. Apart from those, various other influences surface, things like Red Dwarf, Futurama, Nodwick (Yes, a fantasy comic has some influence on my sci-fi comic, you'll find out soon enough) and many others.

How do you draw the comics?

To be honest, I don't have much money at the moment, so I have to skimp a bit on Software (I was lucky enough to get my hands on an A4 Intuos4 tablet when I was getting paid student allowance, though!). But with regards to software, I use Paint Tool SAI for the lineart and colouring, and as of the next arc of comics, I'm using MS Paint (Oh yes) to put in speech bubbles for dialogue, partly so you can read it easier, and partly so I don't have to write as much. XD

Can I have a cameo in your comic? Pleeeeeease?

Sorry, afraid not. I will, however, be doing "Guest Weeks" from time to time, where I have characters from other sci-fi comics, games, and the like stop by the station briefly. In these events, if I want to use a character from your comic/game/book/thing, I'll ask for your permission first. Don't call me, I'll call you. :D

Can I submit guest comics?

Sure! If you want to send me a guest comic, let me know via note on my deviantART and provide an image link to the comic you'd like to submit.

Does my guest comic have to follow any specific rules?

There aren't many rules. All I ask is that you keep it within the ITS setting and make sure it's no bigger than 1000 pixels in width. Other than that, knock yourself out!

If you're able to draw your comics in the space of a day, why distribute them over the period of a week? Couldn't you just upload them as they're done?

It's true that I could upload them as I do them, but I figure that would put a bit of stress on me with people asking "When's the next comic coming out lol" and so on. So I set myself the goal of having a comic that updates regularly every week (Tuesdays and Thursdays). Smackjeeves has the neat ability to let you upload your comics early and set a date for them to become visible to the public, so I use that to my advantage, drawing comics when I'm able to, but setting them to always go live on Tuesdays and Thursdays at noon, GMT. It gives me the freedom of drawing comics whenever I get the ideas for them, while still letting me give myself something of a deadline to keep in line with. :D

Do you plan on changing your update schedule any time in the future?

Absolutely. Once I'm more comfortable with how my comic's doing, I definitely want to up the amount of comics that are published each week, maybe three or four strips each week

Will there be other questions on this page?

Depends on if you have any questions to ask that aren't covered by this FAQ. :D

Contact Me

If you'd like to talk to me, you can reach me at:

My deviantART page

My email: chazfoxmcr@hotmail.co.uk

I also have Steam and AIM, but I'll only give out my usernames on those to good friends.